Become a Service Center
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Want to Earn Extra Income ? Invest under $100 and Earn $500 or more per kit.

Become a Service Center and Clean and Restore Headlamps for your customers. If you already have customers interested in Automotive Repair, Oil Changes, or other automotive services, PC-41 PLUS offers you an additional service you can offer to your customers.

Sales Posters, and Digital Frame Slide Shows Available.

Consumer markets include anyone needing to replace or repair their Headlamps or Tail Lights. Sells to anyone owning a Car, Truck, SUV, Cycle, or  Boat . PC-41 PLUS works on most all sun damaged plastics and also removes Road Tar, Adhesives, & More. Service packs available at reduced prices.
Made in
Tulsa, OK. USA
(918) 638-1997
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8714 E. 43rd Street
Tulsa Oklahoma 74145 USA

(918) 638-1997

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Service Centers have access to Customized Posters, Handouts & Marketing Tools
Each Kit Includes:

1- 16 oz. PC-41 Plus
1- 16 oz. PC-41 Clear
72 - white cleaning pads
3- bottles for PC-41 Plus
3- bottles for PC-41 Clear
1- pack (16) 2000 grit wetordry

Kit can restore over 25 to 30 headlamps

(Plus $12.95 Shipping)
Call (918) 638-1997 for the lastest details and pricing
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