PC-41 and PC-41 PLUS was invented by Loyd Bolin. Loyd Bolin has been an independent auto technician in Tulsa, OK for over 44 years Loyd has been developing innovative products. Loyd has a number of accomplishments since starting his business in 1970. Loyd  still continues to operate Bolin Auto Service in Tulsa, OK. Loyd also invented the E-Z Line clutch alignment tool, now E-Z Line III, the new improved design. The tool changed the way clutches have been aligned for installation for almost 100 years. Loyd holds 4 U.S. patents and has several  pending. Loyd has also invented several other tools and pieces of equipment for use in his shop. Loyd invented the PC-41 and PC-41 PLUS headlamp cleaner after trying several other cleaners on the market. Nothing he tried had the immediate results or cleaning ability he desired. Loyd founded BOTCO Inc. in 1996 and has been on " Newstalk Radio KRMG AM 740 and FM 102.3 " for over 30 years where he answers questions and gives auto repair advice. The show can now be heard at 7 A.M. Saturday CST.

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